Giving women the empowerment and confidence they deserve and desire. Located in the Reno, NV area as well as traveling for Boudoir marathons in any area, I strive to bring a new light to each person I work with. 


MEET Amanda-

My why I do this is simple.
To be the reason why women find their confidence is one of the most rewarding things.
I have seen myself and so many others struggle to even find themselves remotely attractive and it brings you down in so many other ways other than just feeling sexy. 

as a mother of 3 children I know how scary it is to relinquish control. I know what it feels like to not think you are ready for something like this....but I promise you can. 

So the ultimate reason why I do this… Is for the women who never knew they needed it and the women only who are searching for their confidence. 
                                                                                            -Amanda Rabe

Pricing and Information

                               Package 1

                     30 minute photo shoot
                           up to 2 outfits
                   10 digital edited images 


                   package 2

        1 hour Photo Session
              up to 5 outfits
           20 Digital images
     20 Prints in Glass display
     Professional Makeup on                               location 


                Package 3

2 Hour Photo session
         unlimited outfits
        50 Digital images
    50 prints in glass display
    professsional makeup on


I opened it!
You really know you love what you do by looking at your work..
You make me feel there is still hope in loving myself.

I seriously have been upset since the photo shoot. I was waiting to hate myself a lot and be disappointed in me in those photos.

there is still hope in loving myself"

"You made me feel


You gave me a piece of myself back. I've never felt more beautiful in all my life. I cant believe you were actually able to make me feel comfortable and excited to share my photos. You are a blessing!


"I've never felt more


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